Assorted olives 3,9€
Cantabrian anchovies (00 premium quality) with orange vinaigrette, capers and roasted tomato 9,9 
Smoked sardines with homemade tomato sauce, mint, oil and sesame seeds 9,7€


Tapa Barcino: Aubergine with chermoula, bulgur and quinoa, sun-dried tomato and tahini yogurt 11,5€ 
Tapa of the month: Tuna taco marinated with soy, ginger, sesame oil and honey, with guacamole and chipotle mayonnaise 15,90€


Stuffed peppers with goat cheese and rose jam 9,5€
Our roasted accordion potato with aioli and spicy sauce 7,9€
Whipped feta dip with radish sprouts, chopped pistachios, paprika, poppy seeds and mint 9,9€  
Hummus with black olives, pine nuts, parsley and Arabic bread 9,6€  
Zaalouk: Roasted tomato and aubergine with spices, black olives and egg 9,9€


Cod carpaccio with purple onion, fresh tomato, capers, mullet roe, radishes and parsley 13,9€
Sea bass tiradito (thinly sliced ceviche) with carrot tiger’s milk, wakame seaweed, lemon drop peppers and peanuts 14,9€
Shrimp bao with sesame sauce, pico de gallo (fresh salsa), fried onion and cashews 12,5€  
Octopus with miso sauce, potato parmentier and roasted red pepper and walnut sauce (muhammara) 15,9€  


Hummus with roasted lamb, chickpeas, pistachios and mint 12,5€
Teriyaki pork belly bao, Japanese onion, cilantro, chili and sesame seeds 11,5€
Satay chicken with peanut sauce and green leaves 12,5€ 
Marinated Iberian pork shoulder steak with green mojo and piquillo pepper confit. 14,5€


MEL I MATÓ (FRESH CHEESE AND HONEY): Aubergine toast with miso, honey and mató cheese, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and hazelnuts 12,7€
RUCULAR: Marinated chicken toast with sun-dried tomatoes, Caesar sauce and Parmesan served on coca bread 12,9€
MUMA: Goat cheese, Iberian ham and tomato jam 13,95€
SÉSAMO: Cow cheese, roasted aubergine and red pepper (served cold), mushrooms, sliced tomato, oregano, tahini and sesame seeds 12,8€
FRESCA: Asturian blue cheese, watercress, pear and walnuts 12,6€ 
BRIE: Truffle brie cheese, Iberian pork belly, fresh tomato and candied almonds in coca bread 12,8€
PIZZA: Cheese, Iberian pork belly, red pepper, onion, mushrooms and BBQ sauce 12,7€
TURCA: Roast lamb, aubergine hummus, spinach, shallot, cherry tomato confit and tzatziki 13,6€


BURRATINA: Burrata salad with artichokes, capers, Kalamata olives, confit pepper, onion, croutons, roasted tomatoes and fresh basil 14,5€
Mukimame salad with watercress, bulgur, quinoa, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted pumpkin, onion, avocado and sesame-soy vinaigrette 13,5€ 
Salad with cherry tomatoes, avocado, green pepper, radishes, onion, fresh herbs, radicchio, cucumber, Syrian bread and yogurt sauce with tahini 13,5€ 
BANGKOK: Mixed salad, marinated chicken, roasted tomatoes, confit shallots, cashews, sesame seeds and Thai vinaigrette 14,9€ 


Bread basket 2,8€ 
Crispy flatbread with tomato, garlic, paprika from La Vera, oregano and olive oil 3,8€
Rustic bread with aioli 3,6€
Syrian bread 2,8€ 


Half a board of Iberian cold cuts (chorizo, loin, sausage and ham) 16,5€
Iberian cold cuts board (chorizo, loin, sausage, beef jerky and ham) 22,5€
Iberian chorizo 7€
El Bruc cured sausage 7€
Iberian ham 13€
Beef jerky (cured cow ham) from León with almonds and oil 10€


Cheeseboard 14€
Les Cuines: Raw sheep’s milk cheese, soft and with an ash crust 9€
El Farcell de la Frasera: Cured cheese made from raw goat’s milk and refined with olive oil 9€
Roig del Montsenc: Soft raw goat’s milk cheese with paprika rind 9€
Blau dels Jotglars: Soft blue raw cow’s milk cheese 9€


Chocolate coulant with pistachios, rosemary oil caviar and Maldon salt 8,5€
Creamy lemon pie 8,5€ 
Cheesecake 8,5€ 


 Gluten     Eggs     Fish     Nuts     Mustard     Soya      Peanuts     Dairy    Sesame Seeds   Lupins    Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfites



San Miguel beer glass / radler (0.33cl)  3€
San Miguel beer pint (500cl)  5€
Catalan craft beer (IPA)  5€
Catalan craft black beer  5€
Alhambra Reserva 1925 4,50€
San Miguel 0.0% alcohol-free beer glass (0.33cl)  3€


Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero  3€
Fever-Tree tonic water 3,50€
Schweppes lemon 3€
Schweppes orange 3€
Schweppes hibiscus 3,50€
Schweppes original lime tonic water 3,50€
Schweppes ginger beer 3,50€
Schweppes ginger ale 3,50€
Lipton 3€


Fresh lemonade  3,50€
Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Peach, Tomato  3,50€
Still water 0.5l  3€
San Pellegrino sparkling water 0.5l  3,50€


House SANGRIA  6,50€ / 19,90€
House VERMOUTH (white / red)  5€
APEROL SPRITZ: Aperol, cava and soda  8€
CAMPARI SPRITZ: Campari, cava and soda  8€
SBAGLIATO: Campari, vermouth and cava 8€


Espresso 1,90€
Double espresso  2,70€
White coffee  2,20€
Macchiato 1,90€
Americano  1,90€
Capuccino  3€
Corretto  3€


Jasmine green tea (Gunpowder) 3€
Body of desire red tea (Pu-erh) 3€
Mint tea 3€
Pakistan black tea (Ceylon) 3€
Relaxing rooibos tea 3€
Wild fruit tea 3€
Chamomile 3€


BOMBAY SAPPHIRE with lemon and lime  11€
SEAGRAM´S with orange and cinnamon  12€
HENDRICK´S with cucumber and lime 14€
MARE GIN with rosemary  14€
OPIHR with lemon, cayenne and cardamom 13€
TANQUERAY No. 10 with apple  14€
MARTIN MILLER´S with lemon and nutmeg 13€
L’ARBRE with fresh mint 11€
NORDÉS with cranberries 14€

* All served with juniper and Schweppes tonic water
* With Fever-Tree +1€



MOJITO: Havana 3 rum, sugar, lime and mint 12€
CAIPIRINHA: Cachaça 51, lime and sugar 12€
CAIPIROSKA: Moskovskaya vodka, lime and sugar 12€
PIÑA COLADA: Havana 7 rum – Bacardi, pineapple juice and coconut shake 12,50€
NEGRONI: Campari, MG Gin and black vermouth 12€
MARGARITA: Jose Cuervo Silver tequila, triple sec, lemon and sugar 12€
TOMMY’S MARGARITA: Gusano Rojo mezcal, triple sec, lemon and agave syrup 12,50€
BLOODY MARY: Moskovskaya vodka, tomato juice, salt, lemon, pepper, tabasco and Perrins sauce 12€
OLD FASHION: Jim Beam bourbon, orange, bitters and sugar 12€
MOSCOW MULE: Moskovskaya vodka, ginger beer, lime and mint 12,50€
ESPRESSO MARTINI: Moskovskaya vodka, coffee liqueur and coffee 12€


LA ALCOBA MEZCALERA: Gusano Rojo mezcal, orange, lemon, agave syrup, chili and cardamom 13,50€
CRISTAL DE JADE: Gusano Rojo mezcal, cava, lime, agave syrup, coriander and cucumber 13,50€
LA POLACA DEL GÓTICO: Zubrówka vodka, Schweppes tonic water, fresh grapefruit juice and Campari 13,80€
EL TRAIDOR DEL CALL: Talisker whisky, red wine, coconut syrup, lemon juice and cinnamon 13,80€
LA BOMBA DEL NERI: Herradura tequila, Campari, red vermouth and coffee 13,50€
LA LOCA DEL BARRIO: Santa Teresa rum, Amaretto Disaronno liqueur, lemon and ginger beer 13,90€

Ask about off the menu cocktails


Cacique   7€
Havana3  8€
Havana7  9€
Santa Teresa 1796 13,50€

* Price per glass
* Add a soft drink for 3€
* Shots at half price


Moskosvkaya  7€
Zubrówka   8€
Beluga  10€

* Price per glass
* Add a soft drink for 3€
* Shots at half price


Torres nº 15   9€
Duque de Alba  10€

* Price per glass
* Shots at half price


Jose Cuervo aged 7€
Jose Cuervo white 7€
Herradura aged  12€

* Price per glass
* Shots at half price



Jameson  8€
Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 years old  10€


Glenfiddich 12 years old  11€
Talisker 10 years old  13,90€


Jim Beam 8€
Wild Turkey 11€

* Price per glass
* Add a soft drink for 3€
* Shots at half price


Gusano Rojo 8€

* Price per glass
* Shots at half price


Baileys  5,50€
Campari  5,50€
Herbal Orujo 5,50€
Ratafía Russet  5,50€
Disaronno Originale 5,50€
Acorn Liqueur 5,50€

* Price per glass
* Shots at half price



Price glass / Price bottle

Young, smooth and easy to drink

CARLES ANDREU 12@ ORGANIC          – / 23€
100% Trepat. DO Conca de Barberà. Light, smooth, approachable and subtle. Inviting another sip!

Tempranillo, Red Grenache and Syrah. DO Sierras de Málaga. Light, fruity, fresh and velvety. A sensory pleasure!

Medium-bodied, juicy and aged

PRIOS ROBLE           – / 24€
100% Tempranillo. DO Ribera del Duero. Aged 6 months. Smooth, long in the mouth and light aging notes. A classic one!

TERNERO TORNO AGED           5,50€ / 26€
100% Tempranillo. DO Ca. Rioja. Aged 12 months. Tasty, elegant and balanced. For lovers of fine wine!

Full-bodied and powerful

CAL PLA NEGRE           – / 28€

Red Grenache and Samsó. DOQ Priorat. Aged 12 months. Robust, full on the palate and expressive. The true soul of the Priorat region!

SYRAH 0% ORGANIC & BIO           – / 31€

100% Syrah. D.O. Penedès. Concentrated, powerful and broad. A journey across the Mediterranean!


Price glass / Price bottle

Light, smooth and fruity

LUNA BEBERIDE · D.O. BIERZO           – / 22€

100% Godello. Tasty, full on the palate and highly refreshing. A delicious Godello!

PARDEVALLÉS ALBARÍN · D.O. LEÓN           – / 22€

100% Albarín. Fruity, juicy and fresh. A very enjoyable one!

Medium-bodied, enveloving and long in the mouth

ERRE DE HERRERO · D.O. RUEDA           – / 21€

100% Verdejo. Highly flavourful, full on the palate and fresh. A cheerful wine for any occasion!

RIALLA ORGANIC · D.O. TIERRA ALTA           5,50€ / 25€

100% White Grenache. With volume, persistent, a grenache with a strong presence.

TAYAIMGUT FRESC · PENEDÉS           5,50€ / 25€

100% Sauvignon Blanc. Tasty, elegant and versatile. One of the best Sauvignon Blanc in the country!


Price glass / Price bottle

CHARLATÁN ROSÈ           5€ / 23€

100% Red Grenache. DO Cigales. Fine, elegant, with a French influence. Great for any occasion!


Price glass / Price bottle

EMPENTA BRUT NATURE           5€ / 21,50€

Xarel·lo, Macabeo, Parellada and Chardonnay. DO Cava. Fine, enjoyable, and with well-integrated bubbles.